Gardens 4 Good

Gardening Jobs 4 Refugees & Asylum Seekers.

  1. Good 4 Gardens
    One experienced gardener and one trainee asylum seeker refugee gardener will do wonders for your garden. These dynamic duos are available for one -off, regular or occasional sessions. Or if you prefer you can have a refugee buddy up with you in your garden.Minimum 2 hour service.
  2. Good 4 Gardeners
    Register with G4G if you are an experienced gardener and would like to buddy up alongside a trainee asylum seeker refugee or if you have work available for them.
  3. Good 4 Customers
    Customers directly assist refugees with work and get to know them at the same time. We need gardens and we need them now. Sign up to have our gardening service come and work in your garden.
  4. Good 4 Refugees
    Refugee trainees gain real, paid employment. They receive on the job training with experienced gardeners. They will have their own ABN and will be covered by insurance. They become better connected with the wider community and make new friends. G4G is a not for profit social enterprise.